Predictive Behavioral Targeting for CoolSculpting and Body Contouring – Marketing Game Changer

Hi my name is Troy Sinclaire and I’m the founder of IMPRINT Analytics and WTV360 Media Group. If you’re looking to acquire more CoolSculpting and Body Contouring patients for your clinic you’ve come to the right place.

What is covered in the video up above is also covered here on this page down below, so if you prefer to read it, read on, if you prefer to watch the video please feel free to do so.

Introducing you to PBT data – Predictive Behavioral Targeting for your clinic.

PBT data is our Artificial Intelligence  that we use to target clients who are currently in market looking CoolSculpting and Body Contouring right now.

If you look at this photo, it’s a massive flow of people and this is what traditional marketing has been, trying to find the right person who needs and is looking for your services.

However, the landscape and the technology when it comes to online digital marketing, is changing and changing fast.

Why is Predictive Behavioral Targeting such a game changer? Because now with Artificial Intelligence  we can identify those individuals that are looking for your CoolSculpting and Body Contouring services today, need what you have and are ready to become your client.

PBT data allows us to:

  • Identify and communicate with your potential clients, before your competitors even know they exist.
  • Increase add frequency with active potential clients, while ignoring non-leads.
  • Hyper target potential clients on Facebook, Google, literally anywhere on the web. Because of this hyper targeting we’re able to decrease our cost per day, per lead by 25 to 75%.
  • We can increase the quality of your leads by 65 to 100%.

All of this is happening in real time and we can capture your potential clients name, email and phone number before they even visit your website.

If we need additional information, we can customize the process to gather additional information like social media accounts, FICO scores, physical addresses etc. we can literally get you any information you need as it relates to your potential clients.

Our system tracks


US based Internet users based upon their URL and keyword behaviors.

Our PBT technology tracks online behavior, and then goes back in time after a purchase to see what they did before they bought.

Once we have a pattern of what they do before they buy, we can find others who are exhibiting this exact buying behavior right now in your area near your business.

We are tracking 15 billion real-time behaviors per day.

Once we know who they are we then put them into our predictive engine so that we know who is in market, ready to buy your services.

Then using smart pixels we are able to put the right ad, with the right offer in front of your potential clients. Then send them to your landing page where they can fill out a form and give you a call directly.

Once they call your business, in most cases they are ready to become a client

We then put that person back into our system, we look back in time at their behaviors, the behaviors that made them a qualified client for your business and we’re able to improve your results for your campaign, literally making improvements day by day, week by week and month by month.

This pyramid breaks down where people are at when it comes to the buying process.  Most marketing companies running campaigns like radio, TV, billboards, or mass mailings are sending or putting your message in front of everyone or to many of the wrong people and their hoping for a 1%, 2%, 3% response rate.

Why not shorten the sales cycle? That’s exactly what we’re doing, we’re only targeting the top 3% that are ready to buy.

We are showing your ads using a multi-channel approach on 4 million mobile apps and mobile websites. Here are just a few you can see here in this image, so if your potential client is on Apple TV, Hulu they will actually see your ads!

If you’re a Clinic or Med Spa and you want the full suite we’ll build your lead generation campaign from start to finish and show you what the art of lead generation is all about.

The following is a quick snapshot, I’ll speak about this from a high level.

When we start a campaign we first start off by creating your ad copy, then your landing page with the content and possibly use a PDF where we give a potential client valuable information that they would love to have as it relates to your service.

From there we send a potential client to a form so that they can provide us with their information, this allows us to vet out who is the best fit for your clinic.

If you become a client and we talk in person, one of the things that I will always talk about is what I call Speed to Lead. We know with certainty based upon research that the faster we get to a client or potential client the more likely it is that we get a hold of them and the more likely it is that they buy. (I will be doing a whole segment here soon with all the data and statistics on how this works and why this is so.)

Suffice it to say the faster we get to a lead the better our chances of them working with us. So as soon as they fill out our form we send them a text message and an email to say hello and start to interact with your potential client. If you would like we can send them a voicemail very quickly after opting in so that they hear your voice and increase the likelihood of them calling your office immediately.

We then continue to dialogue with your potential client via text message and email throughout the course of the next seven days to both get them on a phone call and to warm them up. By warming them up and communicating with them, this puts them in the frame of mind when they call your business that they’re ready to buy. This means you have high-quality potential clients wanting to speak with you.

Over the last several years this type of data driven Predictive Behavioral Targeting has mostly been utilized, available and affordable at the enterprise level. Big companies using data like Amazon, Google, Microsoft,  and Apple, to name a few.

Quite frankly the costs that were involved to be able to make this available too small to medium size companies was prohibitive, until recently. We have taken this enterprise level model and we’re now able to make it available to the small to medium size business.

If we are going to go into an industry it requires us to do an enormous amount of market research, large companies pay us on average $150,000 to do the market research for their target audience, product, service and all the attributes to go into creating a campaign of this nature. 

Since you’re here on this page it is likely that we have already done the market research for CoolSculpting and Body Contouring, we have 14 selected industries that we’ve done comprehensive research for and can guarantee results.

Guaranteed Niches

We are currently spending on average $1.4 million per day in marketing and advertising.

This level of “advertising spend” allows us to bring costs down and create favorable circumstances in the marketplace for your clinic.

As mentioned before when you become a client we take care of all the ad creation, landing page creation, sales funnel creation and optimization for all these different parts and pieces. We also take care of and put together the lead follow up sequences for your campaign, creation and optimization for text messages, email and voicemails.

We always deliver exclusive CoolSculpting and Body Contouring leads for your clinic, your leads are never delivered to any other clinic in your industry, yours exclusively.

Best of all, it’s affordable. We’ve done the market research, built and tested the campaigns. We guarantee your response count.

You may have some questions or you may be ready to get started. Click the link below to schedule time to talk with myself or one of my team members.

If you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer all your questions and discuss if this is the right fit for you and your clinic.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain if you want to grow your clinic.

I look forward to speaking with you one day personally very soon.

Thank you for taking some time to read and do your research.


Best regards,

Troy Sinclaire

Certified Elective Medical Procedure Marketing Specialist