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Ever Wish You Could Hypnotize Your Prospects Into Buying Your Stuff With Your Videos? Now You Can.

Get This Magic Video Personalizer SO Powerful


It Increase Click-Through Rates By Up To 985%

When you get started with MVP by WTV360 VIDEO today, you will be able to:

We create personalized videos for you

Faster and Easier Than EVER.

Personalized video simplified.

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Create Perfect Personalized Videos That Work Like Magic and Convert Like a Beast In As Little As 45 Seconds

Boost Your Sales And Profits and Get Leads with Ease

Forrester confirms that personalized video has been proven to increase click through rates by up to 985% and when prospects see their face on your videos they’ll be impressed. So impressed they’ll practically be begging to sign up for your offer. Personalized video marketing makes a LONG LASTING impression—meaning you’ll make tons more sales. Proven.

Big Brand Video Technology – Now Available For YOU:

Video Personalization technology is used by some of the biggest brands on the planet including: McDonalds, AT&T, Dominos, Nike, Red Bull and even Playboy. It is EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE. Until now, it’s been out of the reach of independent marketers like you because it WAS expensive AND complicated. Thanks to MVP – It’s now quick, easy, and an INSANELY good value!

We are going to give you:

Technology Used By Some Of The Biggest Brands On The Planet Including:

For A Fraction Of The Price!

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Robson Domingos

MVP is an Amazing tool for my business. MVP makes personalized video marketing easier than ever. You can quickly and easily create personalized campaigns to boost conversions, engagement, and sales, making you lots of profits. There is NOTHING else that exists like MVP by WTV360Video. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Congratulations on creating another Awesome product!


The Good News: You know video works.

The Bad News: So does your competition.

If you don’t stand out. You get LOST in the crowd.

And losers don’t convert.

Losers don’t profit.

The Life-Changing News:

Thanks to MVP! You can now SMASH your competition out of the park with sophisticated personalized videos that




That look like they were created by a professional team with a 5 figure budget.

And the best bit? All it takes is just 3 quick and easy steps (and merely minutes) to create.

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With Over 400 Hours Of Videos Uploaded To YouTube Every Single Minute,

Standing Out Is Not Just An Option – It’s A Necessity.

This Is How YOU Stand Out. 

Being different, better, and more innovative with your video marketing is exactly the edge this unique video technology is going to give you and THAT = PROFITS.

Make One Personalized MVP Video – Create A Million Different “WOW” Moments Check Out Your Personalized MVP Experience Below: 

Personalized Video Has Been Proven To Increase Click-Through Rates By Up To 985%

When you get started with MVP by WTV360 VIDEO today, you will be able to:

We create personalized videos for you

Faster and Easier Than EVER.

Personalized video simplified.


MVP (Magic Video Personalizer)


Sophisticated Video Personalization, Simplified.

Fast. Effective. Easy.

Quickly and Easily Create Personalized Videos That:

Convert AND GO Viral!

Why Is Video Personalization So Darn Effective?

86% of consumers say personalization plays an important role in their decision to buy.

62% of consumers say they have chosen, recommended or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized marketing experience.

Video personalization can deliver 5x to 8x the ROI on marketing spend.

More than 48% of senior marketers said personalized media strategies led to improved response rates, increased sales, and stronger brand perceptions.

Why Is This Such A Genuine, Profitable Opportunity For You Right Now?

32% of brands said their lack of relevant, easy to use technology is a major challenge to their personalization efforts.

75% of marketers say they are prioritizing personalization technology for 2018.

More than 90% of top tier retailers say they’re NOT as effective at video personalization as they want to be.

94% of marketers say introducing personalized marketing is important to meet their current marketing objectives.


When your prospects watch your MVP videos, they’ll think you have magic powers. When they see THEIR details appear instantly and magically on your videos, they’ll think that you’ve read their mind.

And let them think that. The power of seeing your name, face or location magically appear on a video is mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and leads them to turning their wallet over more times than ever.


Personalization draws your prospects into your videos like a magnet and gives you crazy levels of engagement.

Time Travel:

MVP brings your video marketing kicking and screaming into the future.

MVP is the future of video marketing. When you get started right now, you are going to be head and shoulders above your competition.


Hypnosis: When your prospects see their name, their location and even their picture all over your video – they’re going to be captivated. 

You’ve got them. Hypnotized. They won’t be able to take their eyes off your message and they certainly won’t be able to help themselves to click that buy button!

Mass Hysteria:

People can’t help but want to share their personal video with everyone – and let them experience that personal ‘ WoW’ moment for themselves –  

Personalized videos go VIRAL.  

The Guardian says: “Engage viewers and they will share your video with others. They will spend longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand.”

MVP’s personalized videos are your perfect way to super-surge your engagement on your social media campaigns.  

Get YOU noticed AND get you talked about.


With MVP By WTV360Video You Will See A BIG Improvement In: 

Your ROI Across Every Video Ad You Run

  Thanks to MVP’s easy personalization, your video ads are now getting more attention. Niches which seemed too expensive before have opened up, giving you a whole new range of opportunities… And that means more ways to profit.

Your Conversions on Every Page

Your visitors hang around much longer, which means more buying time. They enjoy seeing themselves on your pages and feeling special, leading to increased conversions and more sales for you.

MVP’s personalized videos are proven to skyrocket engagement. Personalized video simply makes people watch more, stick around more, and buy more – making your brand and your marketing campaign much more memorable.

Your Enagement (Boosted).

Growing Your Income Exponentially!

Our customers have already made over $1,000,000 in cash from using personalized videos. When small businesses see the results that MVP’s personalized videos give them — they go CRAZY.

Your Email Opens & Clicks (Better than Ever Before)

According to Forbes, using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and clickthrough rates by 65%. Now just imagine how much your email is going to stand out in everybody’s inbox when you use the subject line: ‘I made this personalized video especially for you…’

And if you don’t have a list yet, use your personalized videos to get more opt-ins than ever before!)

Using personalized videos makes more sales, gets you more attention, and attracts new customers. Just imagine adding those new buyers to your list and watch your business grow.

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You Can Use Your MVP Personalized Videos To:

Grow Your Subscriber List with Opt-ins and Lead Magnets

You know the money is in the list. So how about growing your list and making more money? Boost your opt-ins with personalized videos your prospects will actually ENJOY watching when they land on your landing pages or click on your ads.

 Further increase your opt-in conversions by enticing your viewers to unlock a personalized video after subscribing.

Make More eCommerce And Physical Product Sales

Sell physical products of your own? Insert images and names of the last product your customer bought or geotarget products to customers.

Selling personalized e-com products? Give your prospects a concrete idea of what they’re personalized items will look like when they click that buy button.

Seeing what their product will look like on their very own sales video is certainly going to tip them over the edge.

Sell More Info Software & Products

When you sell software or information products, your customers need to know that you are are ahead of the game. MVP’s personalized videos are the next generation of video marketing and that means YOU get to stand out in a big market. You no longer look like a small fish in a big pond. Creatively insert your customer’s name into sales videos, add clickable CTAs & offer personalized discounts to specific customers.

Improve Your Affiliate Promotions

Your prospects are overwhelmed with many emails and ads every single day. Your affiliate promotions are going to stand out when every one of your prospects sees a personalized video created especially for them.

 To them, it looks like you are making the ultimate effort—and it pays dividends in your conversions and your bank balance!


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There Is Nothing Else Like MVP On The Market  

We’re bringing this ‘big brand innovation’ to you first – for a fraction of its true value.

 Businesses usually pay tens of thousands of dollars to have personalized videos like these made and emailed out to their customers. It is totally normal to charge $8,000 just to send out one personalized video to just 1,000 people. You are getting a premium video marketing service, normally reserved for only the biggest companies with the largest marketing budgets.

Plus we’re doing all the heavy lifting for you, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We host all your videos for you (which saves you money). And everything is run from the cloud (which means there is NOTHING for you to download and no long rendering times).

All You Need To Worry About Is Using Awesome, Attention-Grabbing Personalized Videos, And Simply Raking In The Profits.

Well, there’s only one.

This offer can’t be around forever.  

In fact, you only have this special offer launch period to lock yourself in at such a ridiculously cheap price. Once this launch period is over, pricing will become monthly.

And that’s not just because we want you to feel like you’re getting a really amazing deal… it’s because you actually are.

With full teams of staff to support, hundreds of thousands of $$$ in development costs and huge amounts of ongoing hosting costs (don’t forget we do ALL of your hosting for you),

We simply cannot offer you this price outside of this launch period.

Sometimes You Get What You Pay For. 

And Sometimes You Get SO Much More.  

THIS Is One Of Those Times:

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